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School Policies

    • IT use and Internet Policy

      Students are encouraged to make the best use of the Technological facilities provided by the school for educational purposes. All students and their parents agree that the students will use the systems responsibly and according to the laws of the Government of India. Students will not attempt to enter or interfere with any of the areas of the system to which they have not been authorized. The school reserves the right to monitor the use of computers by its students within its network by any reasonable means; should students be found misusing the system, sanctions may range from confiscation of hardware and access being denied to the system to students will not visit or download material from unsuitable sites, or pass such material, to other students. Students will not bring, in any form, material for use on computers that in the view of the school, is unsuitable or objectionable

      Sanction –

      The school reserves the right to monitorthe use of computers by its students within its network by any reasonable means; should students be found misusing the system, sanctions may range from confiscation of hardware and access being denied to the system to expulsion from the school, depending on the gravity of the offence.

    • Library - Usage Policy

      Library Rules to be strictly followed all the time.

      • There should be ‘Total Silence’ (notalking or whispering) observed by the students when in the library.
      • All the students need to take care of the library books.
      • Reference books & CDs can not be taken out of the library
      • Students can issue the library books for a period of one week, they may request it to be reissued if desired.
      • Students of Grade 1-8 will use the library during the time tabled lessons. They will be issued two books per week. They may also use the IT facility in the library for reference work.
      • Students of Grade 9-12 will use the library for research & reference during non-instructional periods on their time table. They will be issued two books per week.
      • The Library will remain open upto 4.10pm from Mondays - Fridays and upto 3.10 pm on Saturdays.
      Sanction –
      • In case of any damage or loss of the book, the same book has to be replaced or paid for
      • In case of delay of returning the book a fine of Rs. 5/- per day will be charged.

    • Home Assignment Policy

Students need time at home to pursue personal interests, mother tongue fluency, and to engage in physical, Recreational and intellectual activities with their families and friends. We firmly believe that the students should be given enough time to relax and enjoy with family members at home.

Sometimes if a “Home assignment “is given, it may take a range of forms including: Reading, Creative Writing, Research, Collecting data- pictures, scanning magazines / newspapers, Data analysis, Surveys, Questionnaire, Commentaries, Math Practice Problems, Memorizing spellings and tables. The child's Grade tutor ( Gr. Nur. - 5 )will give an indication of the time which should be spent on the assignments given. In Grade 6-12 the subject tutors will give structured and well defined assignments with clear instructions.

Parents are encouraged to assist their children at home in the following ways:
      • Organising a regular study time when the child is not tired.
      • Providing a quiet place and table for study
      • Listening, every day, to how the child spent his day at school
      • Motivating and supporting their child.
      • Helping the child complete the assignments independently (please do not do it for the child ).
      • Sharing with the Grade/Subject Tutor if the child has faced any difficulty
      • Go through the Link Book on a daily basis.
Home Assignment would be……
      • Relevant to the student's learning at school
      • Completed independently
      • Challenging to the student
      • Assigned flexible time to complete the work
      • Monitored by the teacher
      • Graded/Un graded
      • Providing additional practice for academic application
      • A vehicle for learning and developing personal responsibility.

All students will receive a link book note about Assignments if given.

Teachers and parents need to work together to ensure that the children meet the objectives of the Assignments.
    • Policy on Academics

      • Students should use books, notebooks and relevant literature for each subject as prescribed by the school.
      • For all practicals, students must bring with them record books, journals, lab coats, dissection box, etc. As instructed by the tutor concerned, otherwise they may not be allowed to enter the laboratories.
      • Participation in co curricular / extracurricular activities / games and sports is compulsory
      • Senior Students (Grades 9-12) may study quietly in an assigned area during non-instructional periods, but it should be noted, that these times are for study only.
      • Movement about the school will be brisk, quiet and orderly, keeping to the left. Students are not expected to be outside except by permission. For safety reasons, students must queue in an orderly manner.
      • Tutors are the best judge to assess a student's academic strengths and weaknesses. It is obligatory for the student to follow the advice and instructions, and do all that is necessary to improve academic performance as required. Parents must also adhere to suggestions made by tutors to ensure academic progress of their wards.
    • Policy on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

      Various Community Service projects will be taken up during the term for all Grades

    • Policy on Morning Assembly

    • On all working days the teachers and students will assemble as per schedule given below:
      Monday, Tuesday, Thursday (8.30 to 8.40 am) Assembly is conducted grade wise as per a schedule and rota Wednesday (8.30 to 9.00 am)
      Commo n Assembly - Prayer, Celebations , Ac k n owl e d g i n g Achievements & concluded with the National Anthem in the Quadrangle
      Friday - Assemblies to be held before the HAcommences.

    • Policy on Spiritual life

    • NISV encourage students in their spiritual development but the curriculum is purely secular one. Students are taught to understand and respect all religions while practicing their own faith. Sound ethical values, that transcend all communities, are ingrained at the school.

    • Policy on Life Skills

    • As a part of Life Skills/Value Education, students will be involved in a series of classes and workshops focussing on building up moral intelligence that will help the students to make the right choices and become a contributing member of the society. In addition, Health education will also be a part of the Value Education curriculum. Guided discussions, field trips, guest lectures, and audio-video aids will be used to facilitate interaction and make the process of learning an exciting one.

    • Policy on Intellectual Property

    • The school reserves all rights on any intellectual property rights arising as a result of the actions of a pupil, in conjunction with any member of staff of the school and/or other pupils at the school, for a purpose associated with the school. Any use of such intellectual property rights by a pupil is subject to the terms of a license to be agreed prior to the use between the pupil, the pupil's parents, and the school. The school will allow the pupil's role in the creation/development of intellectual property to be acknowledged.

    • Policy on student Information and Documents

      • The Student’s basic personal information is noted/collected from the students admission form and LC from their previous school.
      • Any change in the student's personal information should be intimated to the student’s grade tutor & administration office - student section, immediately.
      • The school takes utmost care to ensure accuracy of student information in its records, at the time of filling in the student's bio-data form, and the examination form for Grade 10 and 12. Correct information should therefore be provided.
      • Studentrequiringhis/her forms / documents to be attested by the school should leave them in the school office and may collect them on the third day from the office.
      • Students are required to preserve original copies of mark sheets of all examinations and testimonials issued by the school. On request, Grade 10 & 12 students would be provided upto 3 original copies of transcripts and recommendation letters. Additional copies would be available on a chargeable basis
      • Confidentiality: The school will take care to preserve the confidentiality of information concerning the student and parents.
      • Photographs, Video Clips: Photographs of student/s will be used in maintaining school records, and/or in the promotion of the school programs in newspapers, slide shows, or other media.
      • Examinations, Reports and References: The school will enter a student for an examination only if the Principal is satisfied, that it is in the best interests of the student. Information supplied to parents and others concerning the progress of a student, student character, examination, further education career prospects and any other references, would be given conscientiously and with all due care, but otherwise, without liability on the part of the school.
      • Special Precautions: The Principal must be notified in writing immediately of any court orders or situations of risk in relation to a student for whom any special safety precautions may be needed. A parent may be prohibited to enter school premises if the principal, acting on his discretion, considers such prohibition to be in the best interests of the student or of the School.

    • Policy on Changes at the NISV

      A progressive and forward looking school must initiate and respond to change. It is likely that there will be certain changes at the school during the years when the student is a pupil. The admission is granted on the basis that, in the interests of the school as a whole, changes may be made from time to time to these terms and conditions, to the size and location of the school, to its premises and facilities, to the academic and games curriculum, to the structure and composition of classes, to the way the school is run, to the length of school terms and to any other aspect of the School. Fee levels will be reviewed from time to time and there will be such reasonable increases as the Executive Committee of Navrachana Education Society may determine. The policies on change are provided in good faith. They are intended to encourage stability, forward planning, and the proper resourcing and development of the school for the benefit of all. Parents shall be given reasonable notice, when feasible, of any changes that may significantly affect the School Community. Any waiver of the terms is effective only if stated in writing by the Principal.

  • Special Educational Needs (SEN) Policy

    Navrachana International School, Vadodara is committed to providing an education for its students in a caring and supportive environment. The aim of the school is to enable all its students achieve their full potential. In order to achieve this goal some of our students may require supplementary teaching, additional resources or classroom support. In all cases the intention is to integrate students socially and academically


    Students who fall within the Special Needs definition include the following, each of which is described in the policy.

    • Students with ADD/ADHD
    • Students with chronic illnesses
    • Students with emotional and behavioral disorders
    • Students with mental health difficulties
    • Students with speech and communication disorders
    • Students with learning difficulties and disabilities
    • Teacher/counselor/parent observation of student behavior and/or academic performance
    • Counseling with students and parents, and referred for further testing.
    • Test reports and recommendations are taken into account for further remediation
    • Referred to special/remedial educator for out-of-school remedial education
    Limitations/liability of the school
    • NISV does not have special / remedial educators or teachers trained in special/remedial education since it is not a certified special education institute. The school can only provide the necessary support with the cooperation or parents/guardians and out-of-school remedial educators.
    • Parents are responsible for providing the school with required documents before the school can give support to the students.
    • Documents include remedial / special educator's report, reports of psychological tests, educational / counseling psychologist's report, etc.
  • Medical Supervision

    Before entering the school the student must be immunized against DPT (Diphtheria, Pertusis or Whooping Cough), Tetanus) Poliomyelitis, Hepatitis A & B, TB, and MMR (Mumps, Measles, Rubella). The school requires a medical certificate on the general health of the student or, where grounds for suspicion exist, make arrangements to test for illegal substances. Parents would always be informed of such action. The school counselor, member of the staff or a medicalpractitioneracting conscientiously and in accordance with their code of professional ethics, may inform the principal or a parent in confidence of any matter which in their opinion is material to the safety and well-being of the student and/or others.

  • Policy on Tuition beyond school times

    We do not want children to unlearn in school and then learn. The school does not encourage private tuitions at all. Parents are requested not to pressurize their wards for depending on outside help for the academic support. The subject tutors in school will put in enough emphasis on learning and each child will achieve according to his / her potentials/level of application.


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