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Counseling Center

A school is an institution which strives to nurture a child into becoming a complete human being. A school-going child passes through different phases of development, both physical and mental. Recognizing the need to steer our children through their adolescence, the school contributes significantly to their emotional, intellectual and physical growth through its team of counsellors, which is an important support system that helps the child to pass through the learning process with comparative ease.

The team as a whole deals with problems such as emotional and social maladjustment, arising out of various constraints, cultural disparity and the conduct of adults in his/her environment. Our counselors offer student guidance in the areas of physical and social growth by helping them to better understand themselves and the society in which they live; aid students in planning their academic and social goals; and assist students in dealing with personal adjustment problems. These objectives are accomplished through group or individual counseling and by collaborating with parents, tutors and the school administration.

We welcome parents to take help from our resource team, whenever needed and help us to help the child become a welladjusted and balanced individual.

All discussions with the resource personnel are strictly confidential and privacy is assured.

Career Counseling

Students are helped in planning their academic pursuits and careers. A number of workshops and interactions with professionals and experts from different fields are organised for the students to help them chart their future goals. They are also helped to identify the universities, where they would wish to pursue tertiary education as well as in the admission procedure.



Vasna-Bhayli Road,
Vadodara - 391410, India.

Ph. +91 9228-230770,
       +91 9427-506581
M: +91 9737-196245
Fax. +91 265-2253855
Email: nis@navrachana.ac.in